Best Available Techniques

In the framework of the former LCP (2001/80/EC) and IPPC Directives (2008/1/EC) the EU developed the Best Available Techniques Reference (BREF) document for Large Combustion Plants[1]. This document was adopted in 2006 and can be used for all kinds of conventional power plants (e.g. utility boiler plants, combined heat and power plants, district heating plants). Such aspects as mechanical power and heat generation, industrial combustion installations, gas turbines, the use of waste as a secondary fuel, and other, are also covered in this work.

The 2006 BREF recognises the following major technologies/techniques for controlling emissions from thermal combustion plants:

In 2011 a start was made with the review of the LCP BREF. The first draft of the revised BREF document for LCPs was finalised in 2013. The revision process is still on-going and the current expectation is that it may take until approximately 2017 to its completion.

[1] To date 33 BREF documents  have been developed and are available to the public on the official website of the Joint Research Centre of the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies: