Co-beneficiaries to this LCP project are the:

     - Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources;
     - State Privatisation Institute;
     - Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ).

Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

Development and implementation of energy policies, plans, programmes and legislation fall to the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR). The MENR deals with collection, analysis and publication of energy statistics data. The two sectors under the jurisdiction of the MENR, energy and mining, have a considerable impact on the environment.

Energy policy-making and realisation are within the competence of the General Directorate of Energy Affairs (EIGM). It performs activities related to energy markets, renewable energy, fossil fuels, energy efficiency and environment associated subject matters. Furthermore, EIGM coordinates the application of energy policy measures particularly important for energy sector reforms involving the natural gas and electricity sectors. It is additionally engaged in operations regarding attracting private investments into the electricity sector.

The General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs regulates the exploration and production within the oil and natural gas sectors.

The MENR performs its duties cooperatively and coordinated with other energy sector relevant institutions from public and private sectors.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority is responsible for licensing new energy projects, including renewables and is subordinated to the MENR.


Electricity Generation Company Inc.

The Electricity Generation Company Inc. (EÜAŞ) is the largest electric power generation and supply company in the country owned and controlled by the Government. Today, it still manages a certain percentage of the installed capacity in Turkey, but this share is dropping and will continue to drop in light of the currently ongoing privatisation process. Its main purpose is to implement a national energy policy through the exploitation of national resources. Other leading companies in the electricity market are the Turkish Electricity Trading and Contracting Company Inc. (TETAŞ) and the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEĺAS).


State Privatisation Institute

The State Privatisation Institute (SPI) is a Government institution which is given a regulatory role in the privatisation of publicly owned assets including power stations and electric distribution companies. Therefore it is an important administrative body for investors. The main responsibilities of the SPI are the:

     - Selection of enterprises for the privatisation process based on defined criteria;
     - Preparation of enterprises for privatisation in fiscal and legal matters;
     - Determination of a timeline for privatisation procedures;
     - Preparation of the privatisation process of selected enterprises;
     - Decision on the privatisation methods for selected enterprises;
     - Scaling-down arrangements for enterprises which are already in the process of privatisation;
     - Cessation of enterprises which are already in the process of privatisation, either temporarily or permanently;
     - Decision making about the possible liquidation of companies in the privatisation process.

Other stakeholders that will benefit from the project are the:

     - Ministry of EU Affairs;
     - Ministry of Health;
     - Ministry of Economy;
     - Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology;
     - Ministry of Development;
     - Association of Electricity Producers (EÜD);
     - Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).


Last but not least the public at large will benefit from the project outcomes.