Activities and Results

Planned results

  •      - A detailed inventory of all large combustion plants in Turkey and a web site including information about large combustion plants available to use;
  •      - A Regulatory Impact Assessment for the implementation of the Large Combustion Plant Directive available to use;
  •      - Required institutional structure, technical capacity and procedural arrangements defined and developed to implement the LCP Directive.

  • Activities

This EU project will address implementation of the Large Combustion Plant (LCP) Directive in Turkey.

A first important step will be the development of a full inventory of all Large Combustion Plants (LCPs) (energy, food, metallurgy, chemical, and other sectors). The Inventory will contain administrative, technical and operational details. A web-based LCP-database system will be developed, including a GIS application on which the location of each plant will be marked.

The collected information will be used to carry out a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) that will provide information – on an installation-by-installation basis – clarifying the expected range of costs of bringing Turkey’s large combustion plants in line with the EU’s legal requirements for LCPs. It will include social, health, welfare, environmental, economic and ecosystem aspects.

A series of workshops that will be held at several locations in the country will accompany and support the Inventory and RIA development activities.

Furthermore Turkey’s institutional and technical capacity for the LCP Directive implementation will be evaluated. As needed, advice will be rendered for institutional adjustments and a comprehensive training programme will be implemented, inter alia covering RIA, LCP and Industrial Emissions Directives, Best Available Techniques (BAT), BAT Reference Documents (BREFs), cost benefit analysis and other.

Target groups

     - The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU) and its Provincial Directorates - Main Beneficiary
  •      - The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) - Co-Beneficiary
  •      - Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ) - Co-Beneficiary
  •      - State Privatisation Authority (SPA) - Co-Beneficiary
  •      - Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology
  •      - Ministry of Health
  •      - Ministry of Economy
  •      - Ministry of Development
  •      - Society of Electricity Producers (EÜD)

  • Implementation period

The Project started on 22 July 2014 and has a duration of 24 months.