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22 - 26 June 2015

Study Tour 1, Italy

EuralEnergy New Co-generation Plant - EN

IED Directive in Italy - EN

Voghere Energia 400MW Combined Cycle Power Plant - EN

ARPA - Environmental Data - Public Access to information - EN

Emission monitoring under the IED - EN

Regulatory framework and environmental context in Lombardia - EN

Liberalisation of the energy market in Italy and the role of Lombardy Region - EN

Sannazaro refinery - EN


Overview on IPPC-IED implementation in Italy-Focus on Large Combustion Plants - EN

21 - 27 February 2016

Study Tour 2, Finland

AMECFW Company overview - EN

Environmental Legislation changes & effect in Europe - EN

Air pollution control in Finland - EN

Environmental permit - EN

LCP Directive and NERP - Implementation in Finland- EN

General presentation of the Ministry of the Environment- EN

Salmisaari Power Plants - EN

Reduction NOx emissions - Salmisaari and Hanasaari power plants- EN

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE - EN

Pollution Prevention and Control Roles of SYKE - EN

Integrated Assessment modelling of PM in Finland- EN

LCP Emission Inventory - EN

BAT Information Exchange Role of SYKE - EN

Vantaa Energy - EN

Vantaa Energy Cooperation with public authorities - EN

VTT in brief and Bioruukki Piloting Centre - EN

Utilisation of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling to design low-NOx combustion- EN

Combustion process development - EN

Finnish emission monitoring procedures - EN